Daily Bulletin

District Office Bulletin for Friday, January 17, 2020

Elementary Menu All breakfasts are served with a variety of fruits and juices, Milk choices consist of white, chocolate or strawberry. Toast and/or cereal will be offered as an alternate. All lunches are served with milk choices and a full salad bar. Menu subject to change. The USDA is an equal opportunity provider. Monday, January 13 Breakfast: Bagel, peanut butter Lunch: Snak Wrap, peas/corn, peaches/pears Tuesday, January 14 Breakfast: Cereal, muffin Lunch: Tator tot casserole, dinner roll, green beans/mixed vegetables, mixed fruit/apples Wednesday, January 15 Breakfast: Breakfast pizza Lunch: Chicken Rice Casserole, carrots/peas, tropical fruit/pears Thursday, January 16 Breakfast: French toast Lunch: Baked Potato Bar, broccoli, mandarin oranges/applesauce, dessert Friday, January 17 Breakfast: Wafflewich Lunch: Burrito, corn, pineapple

Wrestling @ SEM Friday, January 17 12:00pm

High School Menu Monday, January 13 Breakfast: French toast, toast, cereal, fruit, juice, milk Lunch: Pork patty/bun, french fries, baked beans/corn, mixed fruit/strawberries, milk Tuesday, January 14 Breakfast: Pop tart, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk Lunch: Creamed chicken w/biscuits or rice, corn/peas, peaches/pears, milk Wednesday, January 15 Breakfast: Tornado, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk Lunch: Chili/Chicken Noodle soup, carrot/celery sticks, mandarin oranges, cinnamon roll, milk Thursday, January 16 Breakfast: Muffin, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk Lunch: Goulash, bread, green beans/corn, pineapple/red applesauce, milk Friday, January 17 Breakfast: Eggs, sausage, toast, fruit, juice, milk Lunch: Turkey gravy w/potatoes, broccoli/carrots, fruit, milk

Wrestling @ Sandhills-Thedford Saturday, January 18 10:00am

Conference BB Tournament @ Nebraska Christian Saturday, January 18 2:00pm CV Girls vs Spalding Academy Bus leaves at 11:50am

Speech Saturday, January 18 CNFL at Grand Island Senior High

Boys Conference BB Tournament Tuesday, January 21 at Fullerton 6:00pm - CV vs Palmer/Elba winner

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